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Our Mission
The mission of OPTIONS Program Inc. is to provide at-risk students with the tools necessary for post-secondary readiness, financial literacy, and public speaking.  

Our Program

Through our 6-week seminar series, we open possibilities to independence, ownership, and newfound success for high school students of traditionally underprivileged communities through tutorials on college and career readiness.  Our program uses backwards planning to assist students with creating an individualized plan for the five years that follow high school graduation.

The program includes lessons on planning for post-secondary education, professional readiness, and public speaking.  The program is completely free for all participants and seminars are conducted for individual students and groups (up to 15), virtually and in-person. 

Upon Program Completion...

Students who complete the program receive a recommendation to the institution or scholarship committee of their choice, photoshoot for professional profile, Linkedin page review, and a framed  certificate of completion from OPTIONS Program Inc.

Business Presentation

Professional Readiness Workshop

This workshop assists students with the tools necessary for proper presentation in professional environments.  It includes instruction on resume and cover letter writing, how to request and compile recommendation letters, and how to build a network of references.  Participants learn 21st century skills in professionalism, including appropriate internet presence, writing professional emails, and virtual meeting demeanor. It also includes instruction on professional attire, and culminates with mock job interviews and practice completing job applications.

Our Philosophy of Education

        The profession of teaching is one of the most significant aspects of a community’s development, progression, and elevation.  It is not a job- it is a craft, and should be entered only by those with purposeful hearts.

All children can learn, and it is the teachers’ responsibility to find the best avenue for each child to receive and understand curriculum content as well as life lessons in citizen-socialization and professional etiquette. 

There is a greatness inside of EVERY individual that is unique to their specific purpose while on this plane of existence; a teacher’s purpose is to guide and show students how to unlock and embrace that greatness so they can use it to make positive contributions to their community and to the world.

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